Wednesday, November 2, 2016

apple cider vinegar in a nighttime tea - worth it

I can easily admit, I'm pretty quick to try a new health fad, and only slightly less quick to say how much I like it.  But then, I'll always admit a month later if I realize it's actually not producing the expected or desired results (which is 95% of the time); I guess I'm impressionable but ultimately honest.  That said, I try to wait to post on here about results until I've gotten past my initial optimistic excitement - I've reached that point with this latest trend of drinking an apple cider vinegar tea before bed, and can report that it falls into that rare 5%!

Some of my friends have been using apple cider vinegar (always Braggs it seems) since college, but I disregarded it back then as waaay too flower child for me; nowadays, I think a few of my business colleagues (Brad, I'm looking at you) would incorrectly use the same term for me as I slackline and drink green smoothies!  Tim Ferriss recently posted a video chronicling his nighttime ritual, and a vinegar tea started things off.  As a long time fan of Sleepytime tea, I figured this was something worth trying out that wouldn't alter my routine too heavily.  I've been floored by the results!

The quality of my sleep has been better and my dreams have been more memorable.  I've been falling asleep faster, waking up feeling more refreshed, and each morning I can run back through several dreams I had during the night.  These are noticeable changes for me.  It's cheap, simple, and even if the vinegar doesn't seem to help you, a calming nighttime tea can't hurt.  You can also read plenty of articles online about the general benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Basic Recipe: Apple Cider Vinegar Nighttime Tea
  • herbal tea (anything without caffeine (duh!), but I've been using Sleepytime since college.  I'm sure there are better options out there, but this one works well.)
  • 1-2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs which is organic, raw, and unfiltered - all the good stuff.  People swear by this stuff!)
  • 1-2 teaspoons honey (hit up a farm market and find something local and minimally processed!)

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