Tuesday, May 24, 2016

it's going to be a dry june...

Since college, roughly ten years ago, I probably haven't gone a full week without an alcoholic drink.  The combination of a varied social life, an appreciation for good alcohol of many sorts (including actually making beer, wine, and liquor), and high-pressure jobs, has led me to enjoy many drinks over the years.  And I don’t regret those years and those drinks (well, most of them…), but I do realize that it is costly, a glut of empty calories, rough on sleep, a detriment to muscle recovery, and in general, bad for overall health.  Particularly as I try to optimize my health and running in preparation for an intense race this August, I want to make a drastic change, and challenge myself.

So for the month of June I’m going sober…kind of.
With some events already planned, I decided to give myself two cheat days, which still means a drastic reduction in my drinking.  I recruited a few friends and we’ve turned it into a personal competition of sorts.  We’re keeping track via a shared Google Drive spreadsheet, and if we break past our allowed cheat days (different for each person), we owe $50 per day toward a charity we already chose (www.givingsight.org) – this method follows the idea that people are more motivated to not lose their money, versus earning / winning new money.  And with a shared document being continually updated, the social pressure will be great!
Updates to come throughout the month!

If you’re interested in joining, shoot me an email or leave a comment, and I’ll link you in!

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